The 14th Annual Lakes Bluegrass Festival
The 14th Annual Lakes Bluegrass Festival

2019 Lineup

The Malpass Brothers - BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!

(North Carolina) Friday and Saturday

The Malpass Brothers

If you like cornbread & hush puppies, you’re gonna love the Malpass Brothers.  If you like sweet tea, barbecue & collards, you’re gonna love the Malpass Brothers.  If you like clean fresh air over a freshly-plowed field, if you like a great big ol’ corn puddin’ at a homecoming covered dish, you’re gonna love the Malpass Brothers.  That’s a promise.  (And you don’t lie about a covered dish supper.)


This is the real deal, folks. There is no pretense. This is music steeped in the legacy of the Louvin Brothers, Johnny Cash, Marty Robbins, Hank Williams, Sr. & others.  Count on classic, real country. Count on new Malpass tunes. Count on a couple of old-time traditional gospels. Count on their probably coming down into the house at intermission and asking what you’d like to hear.  Count on giggles and ribbing between brothers, along with daddy on the bass, who’s bound to be thinking, “What the hell are they doing now?” Count on some big, high man hair, and maybe an Elvis twitch or two. Count on lines at the CD table … and count on logging on to see where they’ll be next.

Joe Mullins and the Radio Ramblers

Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers have an energetic mix of quality Bluegrass and Gospel music, a professional presentation, inventive instrumental work, a wide variety of vocal arrangements including a capella quartets and tasteful, down-home humor.


 Their professionalism and successful, heavily played recordings have kept them in demand with a national audience. JMRR have been seen by thousands of fans across the country at nearly every national bluegrass event.


 A contributing factor to JMRR’s success is their active marketing capabilities, due to Mullins’ network of radio stations in the Midwest, including a 24/7 webcast available at or the new “Classic Country Radio” app for Android and iPhone.  Website:

The Clay Hess Band

(Ohio) Friday and Saturday

The Clay Hess Band

Clay's first introduction to many was as the lead guitarist for Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder, winning a Grammy Award during his tenure there.  After departing Skaggs, Hess toured and recorded with several of the top bands in the genre.  With the help of long time friend and musical comrade Randy Kohrs, Clay recorded his critically acclaimed solo CD "Rain" with the title track going to #1 on the Bluegrass Today chart. The success of the project directly led to the formation of The Clay Hess Band in 2012.   

   "Growing up in a musical family, it wasn't hard to find an instrument laying around to plunk on". Pair that with having a desire to learn, a passion for music, and a wealth of people to learn from and you get a musician.  "Having a family of talented players and singers is an advantage if you can keep your ears open and your mouth shut. I should have done more of both." Today with The Clay Hess Band you can hear the result of all the jam sessions, bar gigs, bluegrass festivals, and hours learning from relatives/musicians/recordings.  Known for his syncopated sense of timing, Hess always tries to keep you guessing what is coming next.

The Kody Norris Show

(Missouri) Saturday and Sunday

The Kody Norris Show

Always maintaining a sharp professional appearance, complete with colorful rhinestone suits and cowboy hats, The Kody Norris Show gives a bluegrass fan one of the most solid, entertaining and animated performances they will ever experience. The performances of The Kody Norris Show are reminiscent of traditional bluegrass artists, yet Kody brings his own special, distinct flair to the music. The band works regularly on the Cumberland Highlanders Show, a weekly Bluegrass Program on the nationally acclaimed RFD-TV network. From the first note, The Kody Norris Show will fully captivate your attention and make you laugh, cry, and stomp your feet all in one performance. 

Kody is backed up by one of the most high energy bands in bluegrass today, The Watauga Mountain Boys. The twin fiddles of Michael Feagan and Mary Rachel Nalley truly compliment the performance. Michael is Grammy Award winning fiddler, with a long resume including, Bill Monroe and Jerry Reed. Mary Rachel has traveled and performed with many bluegrass acts including Larry Sparks and the Lonesome Ramblers. Jake Burrows handles the five string banjo duties as well as a fine high tenor vocal part for the band, and the upright acoustic bass is played by Ben Silcox. 


(Ohio) Friday and Saturday


Nightflyer, named in honor of Tony Rice’s song and album of the same name, consists of a group of talented professionals, hailing from Southwestern Ohio. The band is a perfect blend of contemporary bluegrass with strong traditional roots, a little gospel and just a touch of the blues thrown in – all culminating in a distinctive Nightflyer sound wrapped up in an entertaining show that appeals to all types of bluegrass fans.


The band’s lead singer and guitarist Richard Propps, consistently receives rave reviews on his powerful and often awe-inspiring vocals (polished by years on the Southern Gospel circuit) and excellent guitar playing. Superb mandolinist and occasional lead vocalist Rick Hayes, spent four years touring nationally with the Gibson Brothers, and received a coveted Highlight Review from Bluegrass Unlimited on his solo CD, “Fly By Night.” Tony Kakaris is the rock solid heartbeat of Nightflyer on the standup bass, lending baritone as well as lead vocals to the group. Tim Jackson adds spice to the mix with his fiery dobro performances, and an occasional baritone and lead as well. Rounding out the sound is Ronnie Stewart, contributing killer banjo, and sweet lyrical tenor and lead vocals. Each individual is outstanding on his own, but this is truly a band that is greater than the sum of its parts.


The Baker Family

(Missouri) Saturday and Sunday

The Baker Family

The Baker Family is a high energy bluegrass band from south central Missourri. They dazzle audiences at bluegrass events throughout the United States from Maine to California and ar emaking their second appearance at the Lakes Bluegrass Festival.

The High 48's (Minnesota)  Thursday and Friday

The High 48's

Since forming in northeast Minneapolis in 2006, The High 48s have been making music that combines the soulful sound of classic bluegrass with a modern attitude.

They’re a band with one foot in tradition and the other in the world of music today, and one of the few who can find an overlooked bluegrass classic in a song by M. Ward or the Clash then throw down hard on a standard by Bill Monroe.


The High 48s are also a band of songwriters. Here, too, they take a modern approach, heeding the well-worn advice to writers: write what you know. Their songs ring true to their everyday lives as northern city-folk rather than an imagined “sweet, sunny south” of coal mines and dark hollers.


The High 48s take their name from railroad slang for the boxcars used to transport troops on the front lines in WWI. Originally called a “40 and 8” because it could hold forty men or eight horses, the boxcar was later used in the US on fast-moving “hot shot” freight trains by train-hoppers looking for work during the Great Depression.

Sara Mae and the Birkeland Boys

(Minnesota) Saturday and Sunday

Sara Mae and the Birkeland Boys

Sarah Mae and the Birkeland Boys are a family band from Minnesota that blends “relative” harmonies with a toe-tapping mix of mostly original bluegrass, folk and gospel songs. Sarah Mae and “the boys” please audiences of all musical tastes and ages — mixing the sweet sound of bluegrass with engaging harmonies, skillful instrumentation, a kindred spirit and a dry twist of humor. 

Tony Rook Band

(Minnesota) Thursday and Friday

Tony Rook Band

Born and raised in North Carolina, Tony Rook is no bluegrass novice. He picked up his first guitar at the age of 12, rocking out in the local music scene before returning to his bluegrass roots. Tony, now a multi-instrumentalist, describes his music as “incredibly personal.” His songs convey real-life experiences and hardships through soulful lyrical arrangements and intricate guitar riffs.

In their debut project “Reflections,” released in October 2018, Tony Rook Band showcases nine original tracks of contemporary bluegrass out of the eleven tracks.

Shaffers Lost 40

(Minnesota) Thursday and Friday

Shaffers Lost 40

A central Minnesota favorite consisting of members of the talented Shaffer Family from Brainerd, MN.

Tim and Cindy & Friends

(Minnesota) Thursday and Sunday

Tim and Cindy Roggenkamp

Tim and Cindy have been performing throughout Minnesota and surrounding states for over 30 years. They have performed both as a duo and with several well-known bluegrass and country bands, and have recorded several CD's, the latest being an all-gospel project.


Tim and Cindy are the founders of the Lakes Bluegrass Festival and continue to manage all of the entertainment at the event. They are joined by various talented musical friends to perform Saturday and Sunday at the Festival.

Erics Dance Band

(Minnesota) Wednesday Night Dance

Erics Dance Band

Come on out for the FREE  Old Time and Country Dance Wednesday night with Erics Dance Band. Eric has been playing in central Minnesota for many years and has earned a faithful following of fans.

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AUGUST 21-25, 2019

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6 - 9 Wed PM - Old Time Dance

5 PM- 11 PM Thu Main Stage

11 AM- 11 PM Fri & Sat Main Stage

10am - 5pm Fri & Sat Workshops

10 AM - 2 PM Sun Main Stage

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This activity is made possible in part by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Five Wings Arts Council, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.


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