The 13th Annual Lakes Bluegrass Festival
The 13th Annual Lakes Bluegrass Festival
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2018 Lineup

David Parmley and the Cardinal Tradition

(Kentucky) Friday and Saturday

David Parmley and the Cardinal Tradition

David Parmley began his musical career at age 15 and by the time he turned 17, he began his full time career as a member of The Bluegrass Cardinals. That band featured his father, Don Parmley, and three Los Angeles musicians. In 1975 they made their way to the Washington DC area and began performing several nights a week for several years. David's lead and baritone voice was the backbone to The Cardinal sound. Dozens of musicians have worked with David and Don over the years but "The Sound" remained constant. The Bluegrass Cardinals recorded dozens of projects during their 25 year run. The material is considered the finest to come out of the 70's and 80's Bluegrass era. David left The Bluegrass Cardinals in the 90's to pursue a solo career featuring a more modern approach to Bluegrass Music. David Parmley and Continental Divide topped the Bluegrass Charts throughout the 90's. He took time off the road around 2008, but now in 2016, David is returning to Bluegrass Music with a new renewed spirit. Cardinal Tradition is an exciting new adventure and one that everyone has been waiting for.

The Malpass Brothers

(North Carolina) Friday and Saturday

The Malpass Brothers

If you like cornbread & hush puppies, you’re gonna love the Malpass Brothers.  If you like sweet tea, barbecue & collards, you’re gonna love the Malpass Brothers.  If you like clean fresh air over a freshly-plowed field, if you like a great big ol’ corn puddin’ at a homecoming covered dish, you’re gonna love the Malpass Brothers.  That’s a promise.  (And you don’t lie about a covered dish supper.)


This is the real deal, folks. There is no pretense. This is music steeped in the legacy of the Louvin Brothers, Johnny Cash, Marty Robbins, Hank Williams, Sr. & others.  Count on classic, real country. Count on new Malpass tunes. Count on a couple of old-time traditional gospels. Count on their probably coming down into the house at intermission and asking what you’d like to hear.  Count on giggles and ribbing between brothers, along with daddy on the bass, who’s bound to be thinking, “What the hell are they doing now?” Count on some big, high man hair, and maybe an Elvis twitch or two. Count on lines at the CD table … and count on logging on to see where they’ll be next.

The Darrell Webb Band

(Pennsylvania) Friday and Saturday

The Darrell Webb Band

The Darrell Webb Band brings energy and excitement to the concert stage reaching beyond traditional boundaries. Their brand of entertainment has earned them multiple nominations at the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) Awards.


After a successful career as a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist in bands such as Wildfire, Rhonda Vincent and The Rage and Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper, Darrell Webb emerged as the leader of his self-titled band in 2009.


After the successful release of “Bloodline” followed by “Breaking Down the Barriers,” Darrell Webb celebrated his 20th year in the music industry with the 2014 release of “Dream Big” on Mountain Fever Records. “Flying South to Dixie” featuring members of the Grasscals topped the charts at #1 on Bluegrass Today’s weekly chart! Darrell teamed up with his long-time friend, the Queen of Bluegrass, Rhonda Vincent on “More Life.”

The Purple Hulls

(Texas) Saturday and Sunday

The Purple Hulls

You could easily say these two musicians were born to make music together. Identical twins Katy Lou and Penny Lea Clark of The Purple Hulls were raised on a working family farm in the deep piney woods of East Texas, but that didn’t stop the  Texans from finding their way to the hills of Tennessee, specifically, Music City, where they began touring with various country artists and writing songs for Nashville’s largest publishing company, Sony Tree.

The Purple Hulls are no stranger to road life and are now blazing the trail as a dynamic sister duo, showcasing their unique sibling harmonies while ripping the strings off any instrument they can get their hands on. If you’re looking for authentic acoustic driven music delivered at its best, your search is over.

Amanda Cook and Kennesaw Ridge

(Florida) Friday and Saturday

Amanda Cook  from the Gulf Coast of Florida came onto the Bluegrass Scene with drive and determination.  Bringing  a mix of Traditional and Contemporary Bluegrass in every show, audiences of all ages enjoy her live performances.  The Amanda Cook Band can be found playing many shows regionally and they are moving into the national level at a fast pace.  

Amanda has created quite a loyal fan-base through her palpable delivery of  a soul-wrenching song. And her light-hearted, down-to-earth style helps her create an undeniably strong connection with her audience.


The newest release for Amanda Cook on Mountain Fever Records, "Deep WAter" is now available for sale at the shop or on any digital music platform.

The Bluegrass Martins

(Missouri) Saturday and Sunday

The Bluegrass Martins are a young, entertaining, talented and award winning ensemble of individuals who just happened to be a part of the same amazing family. But youth and bloodline notwithstanding, their peers and their many fans agree that quality musicianship, stellar vocals, and pure entertainment.

The Bluegrass Martins have roots that run deep. They’ve studied at the school of the masters and have graduated with flying colors. Their sincere respect for traditional music is evident in every aspect of their craft. Their music and the fans that support it. It’s no surprise that this band is becoming one of the most celebrated and requested bands on the touring circuit today. For quality and professionalism personified, the name to know is the Bluegrass Martins.

The Bluegrass Express

(Michigan) Thursday and Friday

Thre Bluegrass Express

“The Underwoods have been playing bluegrass for a long time. It shows in the presence of their playing and singing. They’re at home with the contemporary style they bring to the music. It actually harkens back to the sound that the Osborne Brothers brought to bluegrass. It’s no small coincidence that this band is named for one of their biggest hits. The title alludes to the fact that all of the material here is original. It’s an embarrassment of riches. The songs cover quite a range of subjects and manage to be different enough to keep things interesting. Guest vocalist Bethany Burie sings on “The Key To Heaven,” otherwise the family handles all of the vocals with ease and elegance The arrangements all work well with enough punch and spot-on timing to keep everything interesting. With solid lyrics, strong harmonies, and well-thought-out arrangements, this recording should bring more recognition to a very good band.”

Monroe Crossing

(Minnesota) Thursday and Friday

Monroe Crossing

Named in honor of Bill Monroe, “The Father of Bluegrass Music,” Monroe Crossing dazzles audiences with an electrifying blend of classic bluegrass, bluegrass gospel, and heartfelt originals. Their superb musicianship and on-stage rapport have entertained audiences across the United States, Canada and Europe.


Based in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, Monroe Crossing plays an average of 150 shows a year in intimate rooms, at major venues, and outdoor festivals. They are favorites among bluegrass connoisseurs and non-bluegrass audiences alike. They love introducing newcomers to bluegrass music!

Shaffers Lost 40

(Minnesota) Thursday and Friday

Shaffers Lost 40

A central Minnesota favorite consisting of members of the talented Shaffer Family from Brainerd, MN.

The Eel Pout Stringers

(Minnesota) Thursday afternoon Square Dance and Friday Main Stage

The Eel Pout Stringers

Since 2005, the Eelpout Stringers have played for audiences throughout the midwest. Our music, described as traditional, old-timey, Americana, is rich with character, ranging from tales of lost love to high-steppin’ Civil War dance tunes.  

“Fin” (Nick Rowse) was born in England but enjoys playing old-timey music around the world (he did it in Barcelona Spain!).


We like this music so much, we play it like it was writ’… full of life, warmth and joy. We hope you find yourself tappin’ your toes and bobbin’ your head to these happy numbers.  That’s our intent…


Robin Nelson (Dance Caller)

(Minnesota) Thursday afternoon Square Dance with The Eel Pout Stringers

Dance Caller Robon Nelson

Robin McGalliard Nelson delights in leading people of all abilities in traditional folk dance and song!  She has over 25 years of experience calling dances and song leading for all kinds of gatherings.  She is a regular dance caller at the Tapestry Folkdance Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and works as an artist-in-residence in the public schools. With her relaxed and easy-to-follow teaching, Robin strives to help build connections and create a joyful community wherever people gather – either on the dance floor or to raise voices in song.

Tim and Cindy & Friends

(Minnesota) Saturday and Sunday

Tim and Cindy Roggenkamp

Tim and Cindy have been performing throughout Minnesota and surrounding states for over 30 years. They have performed both as a duo and with several well-known bluegrass and country bands, and have recorded several CD's, the latest being an all-gospel project.


Tim and Cindy are the founders of the Lakes Bluegrass Festival and continue to manage all of the entertainment at the event. They are joined by various talented musical friends to perform Saturday and Sunday at the Festival.

The Biscuit Boys

(Minnesota) Thursday

The Biscuit Boys

Members include “Buttermilk” Dan the founder, as his style is smooth like butter, “Sourdough” Mike, because he’s alway so cheery, and “Buckwheat” Tim, as he is the mischievous one. Newest member "Hotrise" Nathan, he towers over us all like a skyrise building.


We're not old, we're well seasoned. These Biscuits are servin' em up for you.

Erics Dance Band

(Minnesota) Wednesday Night Dance

Erics Dance Band

Come on out for the FREE  Old Time and Country Dance Wednesday night with Erics Dance Band. Eric has been playing in central Minnesota for many years and has earned a faithful following of fans.

Your Emcees

Cindy Roggenkamp

Cindy Roggenkamp been performing in bluegrass bands for over 30 years and is a co-founder of the Lakes Bluegrass Festival with husband Tim. She has years of public speaking experience and looks forward to being co-host and emcee of this year's Lakes Bluegrass Festival.


Tim Roggenkamp is co-founder of the Lakes Bluegrass Festival and manages and hires the entertainment for the festival. He and his wife Cindy have been performing for many years in country and bluegrass bands and as a duo.

Tony Andreason

Tony Andreason is well known for being a part of the original Trashmen, of Surfin' Bird fame and, as such, is a member of several music halls of fame. He has also been the guitar player and vocalist for the Platte Valley Boys for many years (see them on Satuday and Sunday). He is also in demand as an emcee at various entertainment events.


Denny O'Brien

Tom Schweiller and Denny O'Brien host the bluegrass radio show "Inside Bluegrass"  heard on KRWC 1360  and KBEK radio.

Tom Schweiller

Tom Schweiller and Denny O'Brien host the bluegrass radio show "Inside Bluegrass"  heard on KRWC 1360  and KBEK radio.

Ric McClary

Ric is the Gneral Manager of Minnesota Christian Broadcasters and 3 FM radio stations.


Ric has a long history in broadcasting. Ric’s sincerity comes across on the radio, in his commercial production and in his public speaking. His friends and listeners alike will be quick to tell you when you meet Ric, “What you hear is what you get”.

Eric Roggenkamp

Eric Roggenkamp (Big E)  has been performing country and old time music in Minnesota for over 30 years.

The Lakes Bluegrass Festival

AUGUST 23-26, 2018

Noon Tue - Gates Open

2-4 Wed Square Dance with Caller

6 - 9 Wed PM - Old Time Dance

5 PM- 11 PM Thu Main Stage

11 AM- 11 PM Fri & Sat Main Stage

10am - 5pm Fri & Sat Workshops

10 AM - 2 PM Sun Main Stage

See Complete Schedule



This activity is made possible in part by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Five Wings Arts Council, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.


2018: 08/23/18 - 08/26/18

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